Aurora Pass Promo Widget

Installation guide

  1. Load the script from
  2. When the script is ready, it adds a function to the window called openPromo.
  3. To open the widget, call window.openPromo and pass the onComplete function as a parameter
    window.openPromo({ onComplete: function })
  4. You can also check if the function is available before calling it
    window.openPromo ?
    window.openPromo({ onComplete: function }) :
  5. Widget configuration is done via optional config object passed to openPromo function. The available configuration interface is displayed below
    interface WidgetConfig { hideUpdateAppBlock: boolean }
    window.openPromo({ onComplete: function, config: { hideUpdateAppBlock: true }})
    Default config
    { hideUpdateAppBlock: false }
To see the widget with the WalletConnect modal, visit Aurora+.